Production of Biofuel Using Corn and Sugarcane

Production of Biofuel Using Corn and Sugarcane

Salma Said Al Aamri, Mohammed Salim Adeeb, Santosh Walke

Salma Said Al Aamri, Mohammed Salim Adeeb, Santosh Walke "Production of Biofuel Using Corn and Sugarcane" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-5 | Issue-1 , February 2018, URL:

Biofuels include a variety of raw materials and technology transfer which is mostly used to transport and electricity generation. Biofuels for transport such as ethanol and biodiesel. It is one of the fastest-growing sources of alternative energy in the world today. Global production of biofuels has reached 62 billion liters or 36 million tons of oil equivalent (million tons) in 2007 [1]. This is equal to about 2% of the total fuel consumption is vital .biofuel is alternative energy, oil and diesel because it replaced a lot through research conducted in various countries such as Brazil and the United States, this indicates its importance [2]. Low production costs and the rise in oil prices have led to the introduction of vehicles that allows switching between ethanol and oil for the increase in renewable production. In this research It has been observed that the exposed material for fermentation to extract the fuel of which is added to some of the material in which to be effective and inexpensive [3]. In this research work, a method was adopted to extract biofuels from corn and sugarcane: steam distillation. The steam distillation process involves no solvent at all and only distilled water is used to dissolve the desired oil and leave it with water vapor. The boiling point for the distillation process was found to be 78 ° C. The final results showed an effective amount of oil extracted according to the 100 g induced amount of sugar cane and the peak yields oil yields of 10 mL and when the feed doubled to be high-quantity

Biofuel, corn, sugarcane, steam distillation, ethanol..

Volume-5 | Issue-1 , February 2018


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