Research Analysis using Big Data

Research Analysis using Big Data

Sheetal, Deepa.S

Sheetal, Deepa.S "Research Analysis using Big Data" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | ASAT in CS'17 , March 2017, URL:

Big data refers to data that are not only large, but also more in variety and velocity, which is very difficult to handle the data using traditional methods. The large amounts of data are transacted in internet due to different number of internet applications. Big data analytics is used to optimize manage and utilize the huge data and it can be used by business firms, researchers and extra .This paper focuses on review of research on the field of recent trends in big data analytics. The findings of this paper will help the researchers to find the problem statement and to continue the research in Big data domain and it can be used for the business organization to invest on different big data projects .The content of this paper is based on review of different publications from recent years and based on results this paper can be classified into different main themes.

Big data analytics, literature review

Special Issue | ASAT in CS'17 , March 2017


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