Liberating Literature in the Golden Notebook

Liberating Literature in the Golden Notebook

L. M. Swarnalatha

L. M. Swarnalatha "Liberating Literature in the Golden Notebook" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | GWEE-17 , March 2017, URL:

Every beginning should initiate with some sweetness in it as per our culture. Let me begin my research paper with a notable personality who won the Noble Prize in Literature in 2007. In the maze of women’s writings Dorris Lessing is the personality who speaks out the universal language of women’s emancipation. The history of ‘female literature’ would have had a much wider scope today, if it was not for woman‘s supposedly inferior position that did not allow her to develop any artistic qualities. However, female writers in the eighteenth and nineteenth century found a way to insert a critique in their stories which provides an implicit way to express their disapproval. The Golden Note Book can be considered as an attempt to expose the emotion of a woman who chooses to be “free”.The Golden Note book was published in 1962, at the time when second wave feminism began to emerge and one year before Betty Friedan’s path-breaking novel “The feminine mystique (1963)”.The novel received the feminism bible of the women’s liberation movement. Doris Lessing can be designated as a pioneer in discerning social trends, anticipating rather than merely confirming them. The Golden notebook is highly intellectual, politically involved “free women” preceded the women’s liberation movement.In The Golden notebook, the key issue which we mainly dealt with is human relations, especially relationships between men and women as a key image of modern humanity, through which women are liberated in literature and as well as in society.

Liberation, Feminism, Female Tradition and Representation.

Special Issue | GWEE-17 , March 2017


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