A Survey: Efficient Semantic Comparison& Effective Information Retrieval System

A Survey: Efficient Semantic Comparison& Effective Information Retrieval System

M.Muralidharan, Dr.V.Valli Mayil

M.Muralidharan, Dr.V.Valli Mayil "A Survey: Efficient Semantic Comparison& Effective Information Retrieval System" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | NCSMAC-16 , September 2016, URL: http://www.ijtrd.com/papers/IJTRD4240.pdf

Semantic comparison relates to processing the comparison among sympathetically comparative than not basically lexically relative terms. The comparison among biomedicinal terms/conceptsis a awfully commanding task for biomedicinal evidence extraction and knowledge discovery. The procedures and tests are tools appliedto characterize how to quantity the goodness of ontology or its properties. In this paper, a proportional study on characteristic methods such as pathway based, information content based, highlight based and crossover comparison measures is done for identifying semantically comparative ideas in ontology. The center is on more than one ontology techniques since it is interesting than the single ontology and semantic similarities are processed among terms stemming from distinctive ontologies (WordNet and MeSH, SNOMED-CT, ICD) in this work). The reason of this survey is to explore how these comparison calculation techniques could assist to improve the retrieval adequacy of Information retrieval models based on web Ontology.

Ontology, Highlight Based Measure, Information Retrieval, Retrieval Effectiveness, Semantic Comparison Measures Crossover Measure;

Special Issue | NCSMAC-16 , September 2016


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