Multicopters as IoT

Multicopters as IoT

Diganta Das, Jennifer Alin F, Rohit Joseph and Saravana Kumar K

Diganta Das, Jennifer Alin F, Rohit Joseph and Saravana Kumar K "Multicopters as IoT" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | EIT-16 , March 2016, URL:

Multicopters have been increasingly popular now a days, and its compact size and portability allows it to use for various applications. The autonomous multicopters capable of self-sustained flights on a fixed GPS guided route. The prime objective of this project is to treat it as an IoT (Internet of Things), where the quadcopter will be always connected to the Internet, and will be collecting and sharing data during flight. It can fly autonomously, or one can take control of it from anywhere in the world. It can also have inter-copter communication to work as a single unit and response to each other’s status. All this can be achieved by adding very less budged over the price of an autonomous multicopter.

Quadcopter, Multicopter, Autonomous, Drones, UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), Autonomous Multicopter, Self-guided drone

Special Issue | EIT-16 , March 2016


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