HUMBLE Agile An Individual’s guide to overall Agility

HUMBLE Agile An Individual’s guide to overall Agility

Shruti Kulkarni

Shruti Kulkarni "HUMBLE Agile An Individual’s guide to overall Agility" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | ERA , December 2020, URL:

With the ever-increasing popularity and rapid adaptation of Agile, there has been a visible increase in its imposters. Knowledge of the values and principles determines the ability of our Agile journey. Numerous researches have been conducted on how abiding by the Agile Manifesto, we stay in-line with the stream of thought, the mindset. However, we continue to note differences in the claims of being Agile and 'people' remain the differentiating factor.A person’s behavioral characteristics drive their thoughts and choices. This paper specifies a collection of 6 qualities an individual can practice and build on. HUMBLE Agile as an approach, guides through the qualities Honesty, Unbiased, Mindful, Bravery, Listening and Empathy, with the underlying foundation of Kindness and Compassion, to provide a significant predictability of being truly Agile. These aspects help in identifying adaptability quotients and improvement areas. The findings of this paper are an outcome of research, experience, numerous discussions and the HUMBLE Agile survey. They are applied to understand individual and collective progress. It provides a preliminary base for future research on personal agility.

Agile, Agile Values, Personal Agility, HUMBLE Agile, Being Agile

Conference Proceeding | ERA , December 2020


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