Approach for Integrating ICT in Teaching-Learning Process

Approach for Integrating ICT in Teaching-Learning Process

R. Mohana Sundaram, S. Pradeep Gnanam

R. Mohana Sundaram, S. Pradeep Gnanam "Approach for Integrating ICT in Teaching-Learning Process" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | ICESCI-2020 , February 2020, URL:

With the rapid pace of technological and scientific developments, the educational technology has also transformed quite significantly. The teaching-learning process has been upgraded with the aid of computers in many ways from traditional method to modern system. Substantiating these trends, today’s teaching-learning is being conducted through e-learning, mobile-learning, web-based learning, multi-media learning, etc. All these technological advancements in imparting learning would bring interest, curiosity and enhance imagination, problem solving ability and aggressive thinking capacity which will augur well for research and development for younger generation. As Internet is becoming the worldwide classroom, the accessibility to information becomes reality at any point of time. Learning of professional courses requires such modern type of tools to make the learning very meaningful.This paper emphasizes that the potential of new technologies to support innovation towards more student-centred approaches in the learning environment will only be realised if the use of new technologies is prescribed within the context of the whole curriculum. Against this background an approach for planning for technology use in the teaching and learning environment is presented.

ICT, Teaching-Learning Process

Conference Proceeding | ICESCI-2020 , February 2020


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