Correlation between Aesthetic Ability and Art Appreciation

Correlation between Aesthetic Ability and Art Appreciation

Ming Liu

Ming Liu "Correlation between Aesthetic Ability and Art Appreciation" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-6 | Issue-5 , October 2019, URL:

As an important method to cultivate students' ability of art appreciation, art teaching can not only improve students' imagination and aesthetic ability, but also enhance students' aesthetic quality. In high school art teaching, art appreciation teaching is an important teaching content, which is to improve students' art appreciation ability. Artistic quality is an important part of people's cultural quality, and art has become an essential part of life. People in the new era should have the knowledge and ability to transform the objective world and the subjective world in a more comprehensive, rational and scientific way according to the laws of the United States. Improve people's artistic thinking ability and artistic aesthetic ability, cultivate good sentiment and enhance their ability to feel about beauty. Therefore, in the face of all kinds of fine art works that are in the midst of life, we are eager to improve the aesthetic and appreciation of the public as soon as possible and accelerate the progress of human civilization.

Aesthetic ability, Art appreciation, Learning ability, Teaching mode

Volume-6 | Issue-5 , October 2019


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