Economic Challenges and Poverty in Mulk Raj Anand Untouchable

Economic Challenges and Poverty in Mulk Raj Anand Untouchable

T.Martin Jayasri, Male Venkat Reddy

T.Martin Jayasri, Male Venkat Reddy "Economic Challenges and Poverty in Mulk Raj Anand Untouchable" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | NCCCTE-18 , February 2018, URL:

This paper explains about economical challenges and poverty in Mulk Raj Anand Untouchable. This novel discovers the protagonist character of Bakha and due to his poor condition and in order to feel his family and he compel to leave his native place with the dreams of new world and future. But he faced scores of humiliations, exploitations and economical challenges as a reward in his honest and hard labour. This paper presents an effort to highlight the sufferings and pathetic condition of an underclass protagonist Bakha who firstly exploit in his native place through landlords and secondly, their situation makes poverty. Anand writes about real people and their poor situation that he knows quite closely. Anand portrays with absolute concept of their real life of poor people and compassion the pathetic lives of the poor coolies and also their economic struggle for life and struggle for identity and he expresses his compassion for the victims of injustice and persecution.

Untouchable, Death, Economical, Social, Caste, Poor and Dalit.

Special Issue | NCCCTE-18 , February 2018


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