Control of Thermal Power System Using Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control

Control of Thermal Power System Using Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control

Nastaran Naghshineh, Abdulla Ismail

Nastaran Naghshineh, Abdulla Ismail "Control of Thermal Power System Using Adaptive Fuzzy Logic Control" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | ICAST-17 , December 2017, URL:

In this paper, the uncontrolled single area Load Frequency Control system is modelled using state space representation. Output response of the system which is frequency deviation is simulated in MATLAB. Adaptive Fuzzy Logic (FL) controller combined with Proportional Integral (PI) controlleris added to the uncontrolled system using SIMULINK and MATLAB Fuzzy Inference System. The effect of the combined control on the system output response is measured in terms of undershoot percentage, settling time, and frequency error. By comparing the simulations of uncontrolled and controlled system, it can be concluded that Adaptive FL controller combined with conventional PI controller is the most efficient, reliable, and robust control to solve power system control problem. The proposed control improves transient and steady state behavior of the system.

Power system control, Single area power system, Adaptive fuzzy logic control, PI control, Steady state output response, frequencydeviation

Special Issue | ICAST-17 , December 2017


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