Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of AISI52100

Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of AISI52100

Kheelan B. Patel, Dr. K M Patel

Kheelan B. Patel, Dr. K M Patel "Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of AISI52100" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-1 | Issue-1 , October 2014, URL:

Quality of surface is an important factor to decide the performance of manufacture product. Magnetic abrasive finishing is a procedure in which work piece surface is smoothened by removing the material as microchips by abrasive particles in the presence of magnetic field in the finishing zone. To improve grinding efficiency of the magnetic abrasive finishing (MAF) technique. A test study is done to enhance the surface roughness nature of the AISI 52100 steel utilizing magnetic abrasive finishing system. In this project four pole electromagnet used. An electromagnet can produce magnetic flux density 0-0.2T at 0-100V DC power source. Taguchi Design of Experiments is connected to discover important parameters affecting the surface quality created. Important parameters affect on surface roughness have been examined. Mixture of iron particles (Fe particles of mesh no. 300, 320) and abrasive particles (SiC, Al2O3) aving different mesh size. It has been observed that the increase in rotational speed, weight of abrasive in mixture and mesh number (iron particles and abrasive particles) improve the surface finish. The experimental result showed that the MAF process using silicon carbide (abrasive material) has better finishing potential as compare to alumina (abrasive material).

Magnetic Abrasive Finishing of AISI 52100

Volume-1 | Issue-1 , October 2014


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