Autonomous Learning [Language and ELT]

Autonomous Learning [Language and ELT]


Dr.K.Kamalasuganyakumari "Autonomous Learning [Language and ELT]" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | ICART-17 , August 2017, URL:

This article delineates on the autonomous learner’sand their attempts in the direction of mastering the foreignlanguage;it also summarises the influences in favour of helping language learners to become autonomous. Learner autonomy is a challenging term because it is widely tangled with self-instruction. Learner autonomy in foreign language teaching and learning has been a favourite topic for a long time. In recent years, many new approaches and innovations have been used to develop learner autonomy in different levels of foreign language education at different schools and at different universities. Helping foreign language learners to become autonomous is one of the essential and wide-reaching negotiation going on at present. Learners who think that their learning styles and their efforts are necessary to develop the learning methods in achieving the foreign language can also give some constructivedrive to their teachers or professors to develop their teaching methods and techniques, if acknowledged. The concepts of autonomyleads one to be more responsible and active. One of the key aspects to consider in defining Learner Autonomy is whether we view it as a means to an end (learning a foreign language) or as an end in itself (making people autonomous learners). These two options do not exclude each other, both of them can be part of our views towards language learning or learning in general.


Special Issue | ICART-17 , August 2017


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