Performance Analysis of DYMO, AODV and TORA in MANET

Performance Analysis of DYMO, AODV and TORA in MANET

V.Vallinayagi, J.Jenifa Arul Mary, S.Maha Rani

V.Vallinayagi, J.Jenifa Arul Mary, S.Maha Rani "Performance Analysis of DYMO, AODV and TORA in MANET" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | ACSA-16 , September 2016, URL:

In Mobile Adhoc Network routing is the major task. The main goal of routing is sending information from node to node. MANET is the wireless network and routing protocols are designed to provide continual changes in the topology. A dynamic Mobile Adhoc network on demand routing protocols which is used in wireless multi hop Adhoc Networks. Routing in MANET is a challenging task because the dynamic topology and the lack of an existing fixed infrastructure. Protocols used in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks are used for finding the route and sending data frequently in Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET). This paper gives a comparative study latest protocol of dynamic MANET on demand routing on protocols (DYMO). Dymo routing protocol is new and which is developed by IEFT and which is also refered to as a thing of AODV routing protocols. Dymo routing protocol is better in mobile nodes of network. This paper presents a comprehensive, and a comparative study of Dymo protocol. Comparative study shows that Dymo is only good selection if the nodes are mobile and wireless multihop. Our findings retrieve that Dymo with suitable for multihop routing Protocols during transferring information. The performances of network are measured by using NS223.4.

MANET, DYMO, AODV, TORA, Routing Protocol, Topology.

Special Issue | ACSA-16 , September 2016


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