Synthesis and Characterization of PVP: PVC: CH3COONH4

Synthesis and Characterization of PVP: PVC: CH3COONH4

C. Latha, K. Venkatachalam

C. Latha, K. Venkatachalam "Synthesis and Characterization of PVP: PVC: CH3COONH4" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-3 | Issue-5 , October 2016, URL:

Proton conducting polymer blend electrolyte based on PVP-PVC- CH3COONH4 were prepared for different compositions by solution cast techniques. The prepared films are studied by different techniques. The XRD study tells the amorphous nature of the polymer electrolyte. The FTIR studies prove the complex formation between the polymer and salt. DSC measurements show decrease in Tg with increasing salt concentration. The conductivity of the polymer electrolyte is determined by AC impedance spectroscopy analysis. A maximum conductivity 9.14x10-5 Scm-1at room temperature has been observed for the composition of 70PVP:30PVC:0.3 Mwt% of CH3COONH4. The dielectric behaviors are studied.

PVP, Proton Conducting, Conductivity analysis, Electrolyte.

Volume-3 | Issue-5 , October 2016


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