The Research on Mine Personnel Safety Positioning and Identification System

The Research on Mine Personnel Safety Positioning and Identification System

Dongsheng Wang, Yanru Zhao

Dongsheng Wang, Yanru Zhao "The Research on Mine Personnel Safety Positioning and Identification System" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-11 | Issue-2 , April 2024, URL:

Coal mine accidents have occurred frequently in recent years, a safety positioning system applied to coal mine personnel was researched and designed. It combines with the characteristics of the coal mine wireless communications and is based on the RFID technology, sensor technology and computer network. The STC89C52 microcontroller produced by STC Company was chosen as the main chip of the reader and tag of the system because of its distinct advantages of high-speed, low power consumption and superior anti-interference. The nRF24L01 produced by NordicVLSIN Company of Norway was used as radio frequency transceiver chip. Based on the Microsoft Visual Basic and database Access, the software system of mine personnel safety positioning and identification system was established. The system researched and realized in this paper may achieve real-time location monitoring, safety monitoring and information management of the coal mine personnel. Once accidents happen, the managers on the ground may obtain the specific distribution of mine personnel timely and dynamically. The scientific evidence for the relief and rescue work can be provided by the system researched in the paper.

Mine Personnel Safety Positioning, Rfid Technology, Sensor Technology, Reader, Tag

Volume-11 | Issue-2 , April 2024


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