Sectoral Impact of Covid-19: An Analytical Study

Sectoral Impact of Covid-19: An Analytical Study

S. Nagamani

S. Nagamani "Sectoral Impact of Covid-19: An Analytical Study" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | NWO-22 , April 2022, URL:

Covid-19 has shaken many Economies severely in terms of heavy losses across the diversified sectors all over the World. Complete and partial Lockdowns, Social Distancing and other Prohibitions on movement of goods have worsened the situation and many Industries were shut down their operations and retrenched their employees resulting in an increase of unemployment rate. Labour lost their livelihood and were deprived of a plate of meal a day. GDP of different countries touched its lowest level and the Economic growth slipped down to negative figures. With this pretext, the present study is taken up to analyse the impact of Covid-19 on Indian economy in general, and more specifically the study is guided by the following sub Objectives:1. To explore the economic performance of major sectors in the Indian economy during the Pandemic Era, and2. To bring out the major setbacks as conclusions and offer few valid suggestions for the economic revival of business houses operating in different sectors.The present study is needful for making comparisons of GDP over the three financial years during the turbulent times of Covid-19 Pandemic period. Further, this study focuses on the sectoral performance and problems in terms of GDP and contribution to the exchequer.

GDP; GVA; Sectoral performance; Covid -19 Pandemic;

Conference Proceeding | NWO-22 , April 2022


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