Education System Impact during the Corona Pandemic Situation

Education System Impact during the Corona Pandemic Situation

G. Jayasri

G. Jayasri "Education System Impact during the Corona Pandemic Situation" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | NWO-22 , April 2022, URL:

Education is the building block of any nation; it builds skills, habits, knowledge and mind of the child. Any nation cannot afford the discontinuation of its education system. Health is also a major concern for any nation and keeping its countrymen healthy is the responsibility of the nation’s government. The outbreak of the corona virus (COVID-19) has declared by WHO a public health emergency of international concern (PHEIC). The COVID-19 is currently having a serious impact on the business organizations and the lives of people; and influencing the supply chain due to worldwide lockdown. The governments and medical department do not have any specific plan and medical support to control the pandemic. The educational system and institutions are going through a tough time in order to maintain the educational activities as the immune system of children and students is weak, which might affect the health badly. The study investigated the impact of COVID-19 period on education systems and institutions.In this paper, we are discussing about covid-19 and its impact on school education context and also the impact is analyzed from a gender perspective. It is an empirical paper where a literature review is done to understand the concept of Tenkasi schools in the context of online education, the importance of education and COVID 19 impacts on education from the perspective of parents, teachers, and students. For this purpose, a total of 100 respondents were selected from public and private sector schools of Tenkasi. Data collection is done using structured questionnaires and analysis is performed with the help of group statistics and independent sample test. Results of the study disclosed that online classes are the best viable solution in situations like a pandemic and the tool is embraced by both the gender stakeholders equally. However, a few critical aspects that need a solution in this context are identified as trained and skilled teachers.

Covid-19, School, Education, Online Classes, Virtual Classes

Conference Proceeding | NWO-22 , April 2022


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