Impact of Potential Threats to Global Economy –Covid - 19

Impact of Potential Threats to Global Economy –Covid - 19

R. Saravanan, R. Sivakumar

R. Saravanan, R. Sivakumar "Impact of Potential Threats to Global Economy –Covid - 19" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | NWO-22 , April 2022, URL:

As the spread of the virus is likely to continue disrupting economic activity and negatively impact manufacturing and service industries, especially in developed countries, we expect that financial markets will continue to be volatile. There is still a question as to whether this unfolding crisis will have a lasting structural impact on the global economy or largely short-term financial and economic consequences. In either case, it is evident that communicable diseases such as COVID-19 have the potential to inflict severe economic and financial costs on regional and global economies. COVID-19 is not only a global pandemic and public health crisis; it has also severely affected the global economy and financial markets. Significant reductions in income, a rise in unemployment, and disruptions in the transportation, service, and manufacturing industries are among the consequences of the disease mitigation measures that have been implemented in many countries. It has become clear that most governments in the world underestimated the risks of rapid COVID-19 spread and were mostly reactive in their crisis response. As disease outbreaks are not likely to disappear in the near future, proactive international actions are required to not only save lives but also protect economic prosperity.

Global markets, Economy, Coronavirus, Pandemic COVID-19.

Conference Proceeding | NWO-22 , April 2022


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