Bionic Eye with A.I. for Better Vision for Blind People

Bionic Eye with A.I. for Better Vision for Blind People

Mohit Singh Rathore, Aadya Upadhyay

Mohit Singh Rathore, Aadya Upadhyay "Bionic Eye with A.I. for Better Vision for Blind People" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | NCUACC-2021 , May 2021, URL:

The bionic eye is an initiative for the blind people to make them see again, with the help of this technology. But somehow there is an loophole in this technology related to the picture quality, or we can say that, we aren’t able to get a natural vision . In this article we have mentioned the essential facts and details related to bionic eye, AI (artificial intelligence) ,ML(machine learning),Sensors, and some aspect of nurolink technology .As our eye adjust with the sunlight and climate changes, and it is possible for us to create a artificial intelligence which is going to adjust the brightness and contrast according to the climate ,where the sensor is used to detect the temperature of the surrounding and with the help of ML the AI will get the accurate settings for the brightness and contrast to be adjusted . Neuralink technology is used for the better pixel or higher picture resolution because of the construction of the neurachip (brain chip).

Bionic eye, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Sensors, Neuralink (brain chip).

Conference Proceeding | NCUACC-2021 , May 2021


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