How To Maintain Team Agility in Covid-19 Era

How To Maintain Team Agility in Covid-19 Era

Girish Nandwani

Girish Nandwani "How To Maintain Team Agility in Covid-19 Era" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | ERA , December 2020, URL:

Once a wise man said, “We can’t predict the future. But we can control how we react to the evolving emergency as it unfolds”.Agile approaches always stateit would be good if Agile teams are should be co-located in order to get better results while agile pragmatists believe that the best self-organizing, cross-functional teams are the ones who create their own team from a global resource pool, regardless of location. This is no longer the case: Remote Working and Distributed Teams are the New Normal. In this paper, we will be exploring different ways, thoughts and perceptions on how we can maintain Team Agility in Covid-19 Era.The outputs of this paper are ideas to enable more effective interactions between the individuals in a Scrum team, regardless of their location in the world. We will target to prove that with new ways of working (remote and distributed), the principle of “face-to-face communication” may need reconsideration for the distributed teams that are effectively delivering software. Instead, it may be time to update this principle to “openand authentic communication”. While we have not solved all challenges working in this environment, we continue to inspect and adapt as a truly distributed Agile team. Agile squads could help a transformation for engaging students to help their peers succeed along with them, thereby enabling their leadership skills, making them co-create and improve the overall results of educational institutions.The individual teams that make up a company in agile management are known as squads. The idea is that each squad has its own defined goal, which they work towards autonomously. Each squad has a 'product owner': they prioritise work to be done.

Agility, Covid-19, Pandemic, Handling Teams in IT, Empathy

Conference Proceeding | ERA , December 2020


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