Choice Architecture for Product Agility

Choice Architecture for Product Agility

Kiran Kallakuri

Kiran Kallakuri "Choice Architecture for Product Agility" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | ERA , December 2020, URL:

The idea of product agility is the check that the offering created is indeed the right thing for the customers. The alignment between the vision, strategy, and implementation creates the perfect outcomes for the business and value for the customers. If every organization had been following this, we would have had several successful products in the world. But even today, we talk only about a handful of them.Frederic Laloux, in his book 'Reinventing Organizations', argues that the organizations in the future will have little to no strategy in place [1]. But it is driven by the self-managed employees who understand the purpose of the being and the general direction in which the organization is marching. Such organizations, called the Teal Organizations, would tune within to create products that meet the real need once a problem is identified. This is not an empiric process as it is reliant on emotions instead of data.This poses an additional problem (or a blessing in disguise??!!) in an already chaotic process world. Product agility is a choice everyone in the organization should make. Careful placement of cues within the current implementation structure could help this cause. Traditionally, nudges are used in marketing to influence customer behaviour. This paper would aim to explore the possibility of a few built-in nudges within the implementing organizations with the aim of product agility transcendence.

Nudges [2], Process loops, 5Ps, SPARK, Humanized Thinking, Full Stack Product Agility, Product Agility Manifesto, Product Probes

Conference Proceeding | ERA , December 2020


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