Integrate Business Concept Planner

Integrate Business Concept Planner

Attila Petheo, Janos Vecsenyi

Attila Petheo, Janos Vecsenyi "Integrate Business Concept Planner" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | IPMESS-19 , June 2019, URL:

Purpose: You have a business idea either because not only you recognized a market need, but you found the solution as well, or you worked hard and developed a great something, which may lead to be a great product for many people. You have at least two questions to be answered: 1. Is it really a great business opportunity? 2. How can you make it a viable and feasible business?Most cases you are an expert either the product side or the business side of the new venture and sooner or later you recognize that you need more complex approach to pursue the recognized business opportunity and develop it as a successful business venture. So, you need some help to integrate various perspectives into a coherent perspective and a systematic methodology. Design/methodology/approach: In the last 9 years more than 2200 students got the assignment to build business model using one of the tools. We were evaluating the quality and the content of the student home works, and tested our new concept. June 2019 we release a new online tool in English, and we will collecting feedback from users. Findings: In this methodology, instead of using the Business Model Canvas, another model, the Business Concept with six major building blocks was used. The model was further developed as a standalone tool called Business Concept Map published in a ‘How to cook type guidebook’ (Vecsenyi, Petheo 2017). Research/practical implications: Vecsenyi (2011) developed a website ( to support students and other future entrepreneurs to develop their business concept, analyze risks and make an educated decision on stopping, postponing or starting the implementation of their business idea.Originality/value: In this paper we would like to define, compare and differentiate the three tools. We would like to share our experience of using the tools by early adapters.

Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Business Model Concept, Entrepreneurship Education

Conference Proceeding | IPMESS-19 , June 2019


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