The Heritage and the Legacy of the Olympian Movement

The Heritage and the Legacy of the Olympian Movement

Gilles Lecocq

Gilles Lecocq "The Heritage and the Legacy of the Olympian Movement" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | ICTIMESH-18 , December 2018, URL:

With regular and consistent sport practice, individuals can become citizens of two worlds: the world where, by engaging in their interiority, they get closer to others, and the world where, by engaging in their exteriority, they are confronted with what makes them different from others. Engaging in a sport activity allows human incarnation to develop the culture of effort. On the other hand, through sport, cultural depth can shape the flexibility of the human body. With regard to that, sport movements outline fundamental representations of the world and also indicate what serves as the very basis of the human being. Therefore, the movement of the body is not merely an extension outside the human body for conditional gratification; it gives the body a new inner space enlightened with sensitivity.To identify the characteristics of these spaces, we will examine how the legacy of the Olympian Movement allows a person and a society to increase the four enlightened aspects of vicarious body ecology: altruism, self-determination, emancipation and resilience. Secondly, we will identify the foundations of the tragic and the sacred within an Olympian way of life. We will consequently outline a space for sport life where an embodied resilience and a spiritual serendipity can meet to lead to the development of the eudaimonic flourishing of well-being. We will conclude by explaining how the Olympian Movement is a body-cultural model where three kinds of time are present: aiôn, chronos and kairos. It is from those three temporal dimensions that we will consider creating an international observatory by asking the following question: Is the Olympian Movement emerging from changing societies or is the Olympian Movement impulsing novelty in the deepest parts of societies? Two historical periods will support the foundation of this observatory: The period Tokyo 1964 - Tokyo 2020 and the period Paris 1924 – Paris 2024.

Olympian Movement; Cultural Heritage; Sport Legacy; Vicarious Body Ecology; Eudaimonic Flourishing of Well-Being;

Special Issue | ICTIMESH-18 , December 2018


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