Myth and Mystery of Shrinking Attention Span

Myth and Mystery of Shrinking Attention Span

K. R. Subramanian

K. R. Subramanian "Myth and Mystery of Shrinking Attention Span" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-5 | Issue-3 , June 2018, URL:

Everything is fast today, whether it be the food that you consume, the travel modes, entertainment and in general all walks of life. Never before in the history of humans have we seen such a hurry to get going. This is the consequence of the ‘mobile culture’ that is progressively afflicting our society. Some people call it digital distraction, but others describe it as the way things are done today. One of the deepest concerns expressed by many scientists and researchers is the attention span that is shrinking, people are jumping from one message to another or speaking to three people at the same time and sometimes they call themselves as multitasking wise kids of the modern age. Well, it is easy to understand that the speed of communication, travel and methods of transfer of speech and data have improved with innovative Technology, but the question is, are we allowing enough time at the receiving or sending end to complete or comprehend a message. But some other researchers are calling the whole thing a bluff. Hence the selection of the present topic to find out the reality of the situation.

The hurry to get things done, mobile culture, digital devices and multitasking, innovative technologies, a bane of the ‘always on’ society. Some myths about…

Volume-5 | Issue-3 , June 2018


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