Virtual Studies of Twins by Diverse Computational Techniques

Virtual Studies of Twins by Diverse Computational Techniques

Y.Angel Blessie, Heren Chellam G.

Y.Angel Blessie, Heren Chellam G. "Virtual Studies of Twins by Diverse Computational Techniques " Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | ICICT-17 , September 2017, URL:

Biometric matching system is an automatic pattern recognition system that recognize a person determining the authenticity of a specific physiological and behavioral characters possessed by that person. It is the science and technology of measuring and analyzing biological data of human body extracting a feature set from the acquired data. In this present research study accurately determine the finger print recognition by using different advanced computational techniques. This can prove to the ability of proposed the method to recognize the twins by natural as well as in-vitro fertilization. It deals with the similarities and differences in personalities of the selected twins. Fingerprint matching is the process used to determine whether two sets of fingerprint ridge detail come from the same finger. There exist multiple algorithms that do fingerprint matching in many different ways. Some methods involve matching minutiae points between the two images, while others look for similarities in the bigger structure of the fingerprint. This study give us some clues and shows the various aspects of personality are differently subjected. The capability of biometric techniques to distinguish between the two birth features of multiple reasons. This research also shows an important concept in twin study can also be applied to how people with the naturally and in-vitro might respond to the same environment.

Biometric, Computational studies, Finger Print, In-vitro fertilization, Twins.

Special Issue | ICICT-17 , September 2017


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