Maximizing Lifetime through Energy Consumption Using Mobile Sink in WSN

Maximizing Lifetime through Energy Consumption Using Mobile Sink in WSN

Nilabar Nisha.U, Mahabubbasha.A

Nilabar Nisha.U, Mahabubbasha.A "Maximizing Lifetime through Energy Consumption Using Mobile Sink in WSN" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-4 | Issue-3 , June 2017, URL:

Wireless sensor network is a popular and up-and-coming area of research for scientists. The network consists of a huge number of devices called as sensor nodes or motes which are deployed over a particular area or region. Each node is well prepared with energy so as to interact actively in a network and participate in a data exchange over networks. The nodes in a network can be static or dynamic and they can send their data to a base station called as sink node. The mobility of a base station node will help effectively in optimizing energy efficiency and to increase lifetime of a network. A Grid based approach makes the division of entire sensor network field into several numbers of clusters also called as cells. A cluster head is chosen among each cluster which will be responsible in making an optimal path so as to communicate with mobile base station node. As the sink node is moving along the sensor field the route will be automatically updated which will require only minimum number of motes to update their packet delivery path towards sink node. The sink node can be moved with variable speed to add more flexibility in a network. Also, the participating nodes can send the data with variable transmission data rates so as to increase the lifetime of a network. We propose these two parameters so as to make the existing communication more efficient and flexible.

Wireless sensor networks, Grid structure, network lifetime, optimal routing, energy efficient network.

Volume-4 | Issue-3 , June 2017


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