Photovoltaic Solar: A Solution To Nigeria Energy Dilemma

Photovoltaic Solar: A Solution To Nigeria Energy Dilemma

Iroegbu Chibuisi

Iroegbu Chibuisi "Photovoltaic Solar: A Solution To Nigeria Energy Dilemma" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-2 | Issue-6 , December 2015, URL:

Nigeria is striving towards becoming one of the strongest economies in the world come year 2020. This vision needs a lot of efforts to attain. One area to address squarely if we must attain this great goal is in the area of power generation. Presently, there is an impending energy crisis in Nigeria due to over-dependence in fossil fuels. The situation becomes more critical as the so-called fossil fuels are finite and fast depleting, also the incessant power instability that has seems to be our culture in Nigeria need to be re-examined. In this paper, photovoltaic solar energy generation is proposed. The result of the research shows that photovoltaic energy source is economical, eco-friendly, pollution free and easy to install.

Nigeria, Photovoltaic, Solar, Power, Generation

Volume-2 | Issue-6 , December 2015


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