Developing Web Based Learning Environment Using Web Instructional Design Model

Developing Web Based Learning Environment Using Web Instructional Design Model

K. Maheswari, S. Pradeep Gnanam

K. Maheswari, S. Pradeep Gnanam "Developing Web Based Learning Environment Using Web Instructional Design Model" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Conference Proceeding | ICESCI-2020 , February 2020, URL:

Due to the technological advancement and phenomenal development in all the fields of education, research, inventions, innovations there is a rapid growth in web based information society. Software products developed using software process models have become successful as they adopt standard software engineering methodology. But today’s Information technology product development is undergoing a rapid shift that prevents applying traditional software engineering methodology to web engineering methodology since most of the applications are web based. Through internet is becoming the world wide class room, the accessibility to information becomes reality at any point of time. Web-Based Learning Environment (WBLE) becomes a crucial resource for learners and educational institutions. Web-based learning environment must take into consideration that education has triggered a shift from the teacher-centered paradigm to the learning-centered paradigm. For developing the software products we have solid endorsed process model, but we still struggle to build and maintain large complex web sites and applications because web developers don’t have a disciplined development process and sound methodology. Many factors has to be considered when we get into the Web Based Development, endorsed framework where the content can be easily updated and changed, maintainability, scalability, user interface, pedagogical aspects, ethical issues, media elements. The construction of Web applications has made a lot of improvements, but there is a lack of a disciplined engineering approach for building Web-based systems. To successfully develop a large Web System we need a team of people with wide ranging knowledge and skills. Most of the development of Web-based learning environment is developed without a complete understanding of requirements that are proper to Web-based learning. This results in dreadful analysis, design, poor quality, pedagogical and maintainability. The applications become increasingly complex and the development process still remains ad-hoc. Many organizations and developers have successfully developed large, high-performance Web sites and applications, but others have failed or are facing the possibility of major failures. A survey on Web-based application development by the Cutter Consortium highlights the problems plaguing large Web-based projects: 84% of the time delivered systems didn’t meet business needs, 53% of the time delivered systems didn’t have the required functionality, 79% of the time schedule delays plagued the projects, 63% of the time projects exceeded the budget. The primary causes of web system failure are a flawed design and development process, and poor management of development efforts. All these have been recognized to be one of the main reasons for the low acceptance of disciplined development in the Web. As a result, Web engineering is still struggling to establish itself as a reliable engineering discipline. However it lacks two important considerations for developing Web Based Learning Environment (i) Systematic iterative process model has to be identified for sound disciplined methodology to maintain large complex web based information system (ii) Since content are embedded in an online learning environment, to Identify pedagogical model framework where learning process should be an on going process, effective and collaborative, thinking capability, to construct skills and knowledge on their own, active learning, student motivation and needs.Based on many years of research, all the above issues have considered exploring a sound systematic approach to maintain large complex Web Based Information Systems and practices and presents multidisciplinary perspectives that help shape this dynamic area of Internet and Web application development.

Web Instructional Design Model

Conference Proceeding | ICESCI-2020 , February 2020


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