Analysis of AES and DES Algorithm

Analysis of AES and DES Algorithm

Yash Shah, Riddhi Rane, Siddhesh Kharade and Rutuja Patil

Yash Shah, Riddhi Rane, Siddhesh Kharade and Rutuja Patil "Analysis of AES and DES Algorithm" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-7 | Issue-2 , April 2020, URL:

These days there is increased amount of digital data exchanged in every field, information security is becoming a crucial aspect of data transmission and storage. When we transfer multimedia data such as images, audio, video etc over the network the security of the data is provided by cryptography. Cryptography is the process in which the sender encodes the data and sends it in such a way that only the intended recipient could decode it and read it, for this process we use various cryptographic algorithms.AES and DES are the types of cryptographic algorithm which are more frequently been used because of their popularity. In this paper we had a brief study of different set of algorithms and its implementations and we did examine it on some parameters which is time consumed, bit independence criteria and avalanche effect.

AES, DES, Avalanche Effect, Cryptography

Volume-7 | Issue-2 , April 2020


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