Fruit Classification System Using Computer Vision: A Review

Fruit Classification System Using Computer Vision: A Review

Raja Sekar L, Ambika N, Divya V and Kowsalya T

Raja Sekar L, Ambika N, Divya V and Kowsalya T "Fruit Classification System Using Computer Vision: A Review" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Volume-5 | Issue-1 , February 2018, URL:

Automation in food processing comes into play to increase productivity, quality and profitable growth of the country. Fruit grading is an important process for producers which affects the fruits quality evaluation and export market. Although the grading and sorting can be done by the human, but it is slow, labour intensive and tedious. Hence, there is a need of an intelligent fruit grading system. In recent years, researchers had developed numerous algorithms for fruit sorting using computer vision. Colour, textural and morphological features are the most commonly used to identify the diseases, maturity and class of the fruits. Techniques include clustering and color based segmentation, artificial neural network and different classifiers based classification of diseases. The main focus of our work is obtaining the analysis of different fruit diseases detection techniques. Subsequently, these features are used to train soft computing technique network. In this paper, use of image processing in agriculture has been reviewed so as to provide an insight to the use of vision based systems by highlighting their advantages and disadvantages

Fruit diseases, SVM classifier, segmentation, Feature extraction, Automation, Fruit classification, computer vision, colour, morphological, texture.

Volume-5 | Issue-1 , February 2018


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