Role of Higher Education in Creating Social Awareness

Role of Higher Education in Creating Social Awareness

Anusha D

Anusha D "Role of Higher Education in Creating Social Awareness" Published in International Journal of Trend in Research and Development (IJTRD), ISSN: 2394-9333, Special Issue | NCPETLP-17 , October 2017, URL:

Education pursues to foster the innate hidden capacities of man. By educating an individual we attempt to give him some desirable knowledge, understanding, skills, interests, attitudes and critical thinking. As an individual in the society, he or she has to think critically about various issues in life and take decisions about them being free from bias and prejudices, superstitions and blind beliefs. Thus, he has to learn all these qualities of head, hand and heart through the process of education. Social Awareness today is a concern that entails due attention and awareness itself. It is noted that we are less aware about the term although there have been so many social issues prevailing in our society. The university is a microcosm of the larger community. Therefore, the manner in which it carries out its daily activities is an important demonstration of ways to achieve environmentally responsible living and to reinforce desired values and behaviors in the whole community. The social role provides the link between the intellectual and educational role of universities on the one hand and the development of society on the other. Higher education is all about learning to knowlearning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together which gears to be the important contributors to forces of social change. This paper attempts to study as to how best all the stakeholders in the education systemcan contribute to the promotion of social awareness among the student community for youth empowerment.

Higher Education, Social Awareness, Emotional Factors, Social Factors, Teachers personality Peer Group and Family

Special Issue | NCPETLP-17 , October 2017


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